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Accessing Farm Business Advisory Services - Growing Forward 2 Agreement  - April 2013

The new Growing Forward 2 Agreement between the federal and BC Governments has been signed and became effective on April 1st, 2013. 

As such, the Business Knowledge and Strategic Adaptation program, which includes Farm Business Advisory Services, is now accepting applications for funding support.

For details, contact us at 1-877-702-5586 or email us at

Accessing Farm Business Advisory Services

This program has a farm self-assessment component and a consulting component. The purpose of the self-assessment is to enable producers to measure current business practices and identify information, training, and consulting services they may want to employ to improve their use of progressive business practices. The self-assessment process results in the development of a Farm Action Plan which is required to access program funding.

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There are 5 steps below to start your application and click here for details on the program.

Advisory Services Notices


The launch of SmartFarmbc connects you in a new way to the world of farm management.  Test drive Taking Stock; a thorough farm business self assessment tool. Let yourself know what you know then let us know what you think about this Advisory Services page.

Check out the BC Farm Business Advisory Program, maybe we can assist you.

Step 1 - Eligibility Criteria

An established farmer engaged in commercial agriculture production having a minimum of $10,000 annual gross farm income from sales.


A beginning farmer (an individual who is new to farming or to a farming enterprise, or who intends to establish a farm business, or who has owned and operated a farm business for less than three years). You must provide proof of ownership or control of productive agricultural assets (own/rent/lease) to generate farm income and demonstrate that your farm business will have annual gross farm income from sales of $10,000 or more within three years of applying.

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Step 2 - Complete the Taking Stock Workbook

The Taking Stock farm business planning workbook involves answering a series of questions to help you identify strengths and weaknesses in your operation in nine farm business management areas. Completing this self-assessment and the subsequent Farm Action Plan is intended to prepare you to make the most efficient use of the Farm Business Advisory Services program funding and your Farm Business Advisor.

Interactive Versions:

Beginning Farmer

Established Farmer

Printed Versions:

Step 3 - Contact a Farm Business Advisor

The application process requires the name of an eligible Farm Business Advisor who will be providing services if the application is approved. Review the list and contact one or more to interview, select, and come to an agreement—pending approval. How to Choose an Advisor There are a number of considerations when selecting an advisor for the specific farm business area you wish to target. These include education, experience related to management, finance or operations, as well as a list of references. By doing the necessary homework, you’ll ensure you will get the most out of the consulting process.

Click here for a list of online resources to help you make the right selection.

List of Advisors

Click here to download an up-to-date list of eligible consultants.

Step 4 - Submit your Application Form

A complete application is made up of two documents;

  1. a hardcopy of the signed application form and
  2. the action plan (which can be submitted electronically).

When you have completed your taking stock workbook and have determined your action plan, you can submit your action plan automatically from the Taking Stock Workbook. Do you want to start your action plan now?

Complete, print and sign your application

Forward your completed application and supporting documentation to:

B.C. Farm Business Advisory Services Program:

By Mail: B.C. Ministry of Agriculture, 2501-14th Avenue, Vernon B.C. V1T 8Z1
By Fax: 250 260-4602
By E-mail: (you’ll have to scan it first)

For further information phone: 1-877-702-5585

Step 5 - Contact Advisor upon Program Approval

Start your Farm Business Advisory Services project on receipt of your approval letter