Tue, 2014/01/21 - 10:50am
2014 Building Business Success

2014 Building Farm Business Success - A Lens on Agriculture starts 9AM on Friday Jan 31st in theTerralink Room at Tradex (Abbotsford Airport).
This educational session is sponsored by Ministry of Agriculture, Business Knowledge and Strategic Adaptation Program – a Growing Forward 2 Initiative. It will feature three key speakers: Brett Wills, Director of Green Enterprise Movement who will discuss the power of green as a way to cut costs, increase revenues and gain competitiveness. Maureen Geddes of geddesglobal.ca will discuss the Cultural (R)evolution in Agriculture and how you can engage in this theory to prevent complaints, improve productivity, and lead your team with wisdom. The final keynote speaker, Jay Lehr, Economist and Futurist, The Heartland Institute, Chicago will address the key drivers of Agri-business and impact of advancing technologies on the local and global economy - The Bright New Future of Agriculture. Attendance at this session is open with any Pacific Ag. Show admission.


More details about the Horticulture Short Course, BC Dairy Expo, Agri-Energy Forum and the Small Farm Session can be found on the Pacific Ag. Show home page located at: http://www.agricultureshow.net/