Business Management Resources

Analyze, plan, develop, and produce agricultural business success.

Successful farmers are, first and foremost, successful business managers.

The production fundamentals of farming such as raising livestock or growing crops are relatively simple in comparison to managing the business aspects necessary to keep a farm profitable and sustainable. Many farmers already have a good idea about what they need to do but find it hard to find the time to do it. Making the time to do it can pay big dividends. By analyzing your strengths and weaknesses and then developing your knowledge and skills in the nine key areas outlined below you will be increasing your likelihood of success.
With the financial and legal complexities of today, good financial and legal advice from competent advisors is essential. Make sure you assemble a strong team around you.

Business Strategy

Planning for agricultural business success

Business Structure

Legal and taxation considerations

Financial Management

Harvesting financial information yields success

Human Resources

Roles and responsibilities for staff and family

Marketing Strategy

How market needs create business opportunities

Production Economics

Bring your product to market more efficiently

Risk Management

Planning for the unexpected

Social Responsibility

The advantages of environmental stewardship and community involvement.

Succession Planning

Ensure the ongoing operation of your farm

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