New Farmers Start Up Guide - Everything you need to know to get started in farming

Starting A New Farm

Unlock the potential of your dream by following the proper steps to get started.

Starting a new farm is about asking yourself the right questions - in the proper order.

The guide helps you explore the passion, interest and skills you bring to a new farm operation. To be successful the passion and interest must be guided by a comprehensive farm business management plan. The New Farm Start-Up Guide will help you ask the relevant questions when building your farm business management plan.

What can I sell in my community?

Identify worthwhile local market opportunities.
How do I create a profitable farm operation?

Develop a farm enterprise plan.

Emerging Opportunities

It is important to recognize opportunity and risk go hand in hand.

Emerging opportunities are generally markets that surface as a result of changing trends in consumer demand, new product development, changes in government policy, or recent scientific discoveries. While there is increased opportunity in these new markets there is also considerable risk. Many producers, both experienced and new, have lost the farm by gambling on an emerging opportunity that didn’t pan out. That is not to say the opportunities shouldn’t have been considered, but when you are jumping into a new endeavour you would be well advised to do extensive research and due diligence on the viability of the operation before committing your limited resources. Even then only commit what you can afford to lose. Intelligent risk taking and innovation have made many fortunes, but uninformed risk taking often leads to disappointment.

If you are interested in exploring this option, independent information from the CAHRC is available.

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Farming as a business is a wonderful lifestyle; farming as a lifestyle is a horrible business