The farming industry in British Columbia is a source of local agrifood, providing diverse, fresh and great tasting products to communities all over the province.

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The B.C. government has committed $5 million to reroute the Town of Oliver’s agricultural irrigation system so the region’s fruit, vegetable and crop economy has the stability to grow.

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Four British Columbia companies have each won $20,000 for developing B.C. tech to help solve a problem identified as part of the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture and the BC Innovation Council’s Innovation Challenge.

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The Province’s agrifood processing industry is producing quality, great-tasting products for British Columbians made by local processors in communities all over B.C.

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Small ranches and livestock farms in B.C. are getting help to meet upcoming national livestock traceability requirements that will help track livestock movements in the event of an animal health investigation, and also offer the opportunity for ranchers to reach new customers who focus on the awareness and promotion of where they source their food.

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Farmers’ markets all over the province are enticing British Columbians with locally grown and produced products, fresh from their own backyards.

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To ensure safe drinking water for residents in the Hullcar Valley, the Province is providing $950,000 to support alternative drinking water sources, fund treatment for domestic well users and support sustainable, environmentally appropriate farming in the Hullcar Valley.

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The British Columbia government’s latest action to target irresponsible dog and cat breeders in British Columbia is legislation introduced by Agriculture Minister Norm Letnick that will, if passed, provide a framework for the licensing and/or registration of commercial breeders of cats and dogs.

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As part of Balanced Budget 2017, the Ministry of Agriculture is set to receive a $2-million budget lift to invest in the Buy Local program.

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British Columbia’s value-added food companies will increase their chances of having their products sold outside of Canada by participating in a Government of Canada- and British Columbia-funded program to help them meet international food safety and traceability requirements.

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